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WELCOME to the home page of the Internet Name Store - one of the leading on-line operators in the Internet domain services.

What you will find at

  • Store - This is the home to our collection of carefully hand-crafted domain names. You can find here an Internet name most suitable for your business or entertainment web-site.

  • Domain Classifieds - Buy an sell excellent domain names on-line. Extensive listings of internet names for sale. This service is easy to use and completely free, no subscription fees, no transaction fees, no brokerage fees.

  • Domain Expert -  DeX is an easy to use powerful expert system for domain market value estimation, using state-of-the-art algorithm and allowing for processing many domains at a time.

  • Search -  The interface to advanced domain name query engine, which gives you the unique possibility to perform a multi-search for domains still available for registration.

  • 3-Symbol Domains - Want a cool short name for your new e-business? Save your time, access our domain database for free.

  • Register - Click here to order registration of your new domain name. We offer friendly and efficient domain registration services, as well as assistance with hosting and web development.

  • FAQ - Exactly what it says - the list of frequently asked questions, concerning domain names, registration, etc., with answers.

  • Links -  A collection of links to most useful sources of info on domain name system issues.

Our aim is to offer domain name services of the highest quality for the Internet community. Whether you are going to bring your business on the web, working on a huge site, or creating a brand-new online concept, or just creating your personal home page - we collected here, at, all the necessary tools and wide choice of selected domain names for sale. Backed by our commitment to quality and reliability, professional technical support and world-class partners, you will advance your company to the forefront of e-commerce.

And do not forget to bookmark this page and return to after some time - we are constantly upgrading the existing services, as well as developing new ones.

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Legal Warning: The policy of iNameStore is to respect the legal rights of others. Unfortunately, the volume of available domains makes it infeasible for us to investigate whether any particular domain offered for sale resembles a registered trademark or service mark. Potential buyers should conduct such investigations as may be appropriate in their circumstances. If you believe that a domain name we offer for sale is identical to your registered trademark or service mark, or otherwise infringes your legal rights, please contact us at to discuss the matter. If you are able to produce documentary evidence that your registration of the mark pre-dates the registration of the domain name, we are prepared to transfer the name to you at cost, plus out of pocket expenses for administration.

iNameStore obeys all the applicable laws regarding the registration and use of domain names. We also adhere to the policies established by ICANN for domain name registration.